Creating an odour-free, freshly scented environment goes a long way towards creating a positive first impression in any room.

HYscent air care range

The state-of-the-art HYscent range leads the world in air care systems. Whether in a washroom, reception area or changing room, HYscent enhances environments by using innovative dispensing technology to deliver the highest quality fragrances in the market.

Carefully designed to be sleek, simple to operate and effective to use, HYscent units will fit perfectly into any room’s décor and take just minutes to blanket the entire area with a subtle and uplifting fragrance.

Handcrafted from pure, natural oils, all HYscent fragrances are healthy to breathe and work to organically neutralise unpleasant odours.

We offer three HYscent systems:


Unique design, superior strength

Alternate settings allow for regular scent dispersion or the creation of blended aromas.


Portable and compact

The go-to solution for bringing high-quality fragrances to smaller spaces.

HYscent Cyclone

Tough but smart

Specially designed for use in urinals, the Cyclone is packed with powerful fragrance.