Total fragrance impact for a totally clean-smelling men’s room.

Give your men’s room the best in scent solutions with HYscent Cyclone.

Specially designed for use in urinals, the Cyclone is packed with fragrance oils and promotes controlled, consistent scent delivery. It's also loaded with Odoraxe, a highly effective malodour counteractant, ensuring your men's room has never smelled fresher or cleaner.

With drainage cut-outs for efficient flow, surfaces designed for ultra-low splashback and resilience to humidity, the HYscent Cyclone works hard and smart to care for your washroom air.


Why choose HYScent Cyclone?

  • Patent pending design
  • Proprietary malodour counteractant formulation
  • Awesome high fragrance impact
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Designed for ultra low splashback
  • VOC compliant