An innovative scent solution for smaller spaces.

Portable and sleek, HYscent Solo is designed for high-quality fragrancing in smaller spaces. With multiple orientation and installation options, it’s extremely versatile and extremely effective without being overpowering.

Featuring silent operation and delicate, natural scents, HYscent Solo delivers wonderfully clean-smelling air while remaining almost undetectable.

A clean room should smell clean – and HYscent Solo makes air care simple.


Why choose HYscent Solo?

  • Simple and safe
  • Easy, fast ‘one click’ loading
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No aerosols, propellants or harmful solvents
  • Uses pure essential and fragrance oils
  • Recyclable refill cartridges
  • Silent operation
  • Theft-proof
  • Batteries last up to 26 months