Pod™ Classic Mini Manual

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Pod™ Classic Mini Manual

Pod™ Classic Mini is proof that great things do come in small packages!

With all the good looks and great design of its big sister, Pod™ Classic, this clever little sanitary bin is perfect for small spaces or low-traffic washrooms.

We designed Pod™ Classic Manual without a traditional sanitary tray, choosing a simple lifting ring and rotating disposal slot that can be accessed from any angle instead. With the handle located at the top of the unit, there’s no need to touch anywhere near the opening – and no view into it.

  • Unique opening – no more unsightly surfaces and trapping of sanitary waste
  • Wall-mounted for easy cleaning under and around
  • Compact and stylish – fits tight small washroom spaces where other bins cannot
  • Designed for efficient, simple and safe servicing – self-closing liners available for total protection
  • Pod™ stand available for when wall-mounting is not an option
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A washroom image with black Pod Classic Mini Manual unit wall-mounted on tiled wall
A person disposing sanitary waste into Pod Classic Manual unit
The Pod Classic Mini placed next to a toilet
The Pod Classic Mini Manual unit freestanding beside toilet with Pod Stand - White and Black units
Pod Classic Mini units wall mounted beside toilet - White and Black units

Why choose Pod™ Classic Mini Manual?

Icon showing Pod Petite lifting ring feature

Simple and ergonomic

Easy-to-use finger tip control. Rotating lid allows access from any angle.

An icon of a hand with sparkles surrounding it. Wall mounted wipe dispenser

Minimise cross-contamination

Lifting ring positioned away from waste deposit opening

An icon of a thumbs up action

Perfect for small spaces and low-traffic washrooms

Fits tight washroom spaces where other bins cannot

An icon showing wall-mounted Pod Classic with broom sweeping underneath

Wall-mounted design

Easy to clean under and around the unit.

An icon of Pod Classic Auto unit with sparkles surrounding it

Easy to install and service

Flexible service options ideal for in-cubicle service with liners or total exchange model for hygiene service companies.

An icon of a tree

Sustainably sound

Durable, fully recyclable and includes degradable liners too.

I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations on finding an alternative option for sanitary bins in the ladies bathrooms As a bigger woman, I find it a bit ‘gross’ having my hip touching the standard bins found in most public bathrooms

Facebook feedback, Grand Plaza Vicinity Centre - Brisbane, Australia

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I think everyone involved has been surprised at how easy and no fuss the unit is to deal with. It’s a great product and I’m very happy to have them in our venues.

James - W Short Hotel Group - Sydney, Australia

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We decided to implement Pod™ Petite Auto throughout the resort and people love them. Guests comment on them frequently. Cleaners don’t have to risk touching used products. Honestly, I should be a sales rep – it’s a great simple product that makes a world of difference.

Melissa, Park Presentation Manager, Legoland - California, USA

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We had the Pod™ Classic autos installed and have found them to be easy to use and hygienic due to it's touch-less technology. With the units being installed on the wall, the cleaners no longer need to shift the bin out of the way for cleaning.

Sarah, Healtheries – Auckland, New Zealand

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Height: 510 mm (20”)

Width: 204 mm (8”)

Depth: 206 mm (8.1”)

Material: Polypropylene

Colours: White/Black

Capacity: 7 L/1.8 US Gal


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