Making menstruation more sustainable

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Making menstruation more sustainable

As climate change’s impact on the planet continues to grow, our sense of collective responsibility grows with it. From what we eat to what we wear, we all need to consider making more sustainable choices. And the same goes for our periods.

In the UK alone, it’s estimated that about 3.9 million period products are flushed down toilets every single day. Many of those end up in the ocean – where they can do irreversible damage to our aquatic environment.

So, how can we make our periods more planet-friendly, on both a personal and professional level? And what sustainability efforts are we making here at SaniPod™ ?

The way we manage our periods has come a long, long way.

From tampons and pads to period underwear and cups, the options have opened up immensely. And many of the new products in the menstruation mix take sustainability into account.

Period underwear has been a game-changer for millions, with even big-name brands releasing their own reusable period pants. Cups have also made their mark on the market, with multiple options for menstruators to deal with their periods discreetly and sustainably.

More traditional products, like tampons and pads, have received an eco-conscious makeover of their own. A number of brands now offer period products made from sustainably-sourced 100% organic cotton. Or materials like bamboo, which is organic, highly sustainable, and biodegradable. Many also make the conscious choice to avoid plastics, which take much longer to break down and can include nasty chemicals. All these sustainably-minded period products decompose much more quickly than their traditional counterparts. So they spend far less time clogging up our landfills, and release far fewer harmful chemicals into our environment.

Plumber fixing blocked toilet caused by flushed sanitary waste

Businesses can bring sustainability to the bathroom, too.

Sustainable menstruation is bigger than our personal choices. Businesses also have a role to play in making sure our periods’ impact on the planet is minimal. It’s up to businesses to make sure their washrooms provide a safe, hygienic, and responsible way for menstruators to dispose of their period waste.

Our own research shows that – if the only option on hand is a sub-par disposal unit – 8 out of 10 people will simply choose not to use it. So if your bin is overflowing, hard to use, or smells bad? Your customers’ and employees’ period waste will likely go straight down your business’s toilet.

This isn’t just bad for your plumbing. It could be catastrophic for the environment. Many of these products make it into our oceans, and end up washed up on coastlines around the world. Even biodegradable period products should never be flushed. Because as non-water-soluble products, the ocean environment will impact their ability to properly break down.

A group of women holding up period products donated from Dignity NZ

SaniPod™ helps make the sustainable choice the simple choice.

SaniPod’s sanitary waste disposal units are designed to keep period products out of the world’s oceans. With a unique design and touch-free technology, they’re a safe and hygienic way for users to dispose of their sanitary waste simply and responsibly.

At SaniPod™, we also do what we can to lessen our own environmental impact. From innovating our packaging, to donating to local charities, we’re constantly seeking new ways to be more planet-friendly. Our sustainability starts at a product level, too. Each SaniPod™ unit is incredibly robust. They’re designed to last more than 15 years, and at the end of their life, they can be fully recycled.

Sustainability doesn’t start and stop with the environment. Social sustainability is also a key factor – and it’s a high priority for the SaniPod™ team. Our products have been designed to optimise the health and safety of our end users. That’s both those who dispose of their waste, and the staff who service the units. In celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023, we donated 5,000 Oi period products to Shine. Each month, we give 20 boxes of period products to families in need through Shine’s Communities Feeding Communities. We’re also working with Dignity NZ to help ease period poverty in New Zealand by creating awareness and gifting free sanitary products to Kiwis every month through their ‘Buy One, Give One’ model.

A person disposing of sanitary waste in Pod Petite Auto Touch-free hygienic automatic sanitary bin

Let’s choose to make the planet a priority.

From the period products we use, to providing a responsible way to dispose of sanitary waste. From a personal level, through to a business level. It’s up to all of us to make more sustainable choices. So let’s make a pact to do what we can to keep menstruation’s impact to a minimum.

To make the more sustainable choice in your business’s bathroom, explore SaniPod’s range of sanitary disposal units. They’re the safe, hygienic, and responsible way to manage period waste.

Chat to us and find out how our SaniPod™ sanitary waste disposal solutions can help your business!

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