How and why to beautify your business’s bathroom

How and why to beautify your business’s bathroom

Ever had a great experience with a business, only to be let down by the loo? It happens all too often. Even the best buzz can be quickly killed by harsh overhead lighting, unclean amenities, overflowing sanitary bins, and an all-too-recognisable (and all-too-unfortunate) smell.

We humans are highly sensory creatures, and bathrooms are highly sensory places. That’s why a bathroom done badly can be such a visceral assault on the senses. It’s also why your business’s bathroom should never, ever be an afterthought.

Surveys have found as many as 60% of Americans make a point of visiting businesses that they know have spick and span washrooms. 20% said a neglected facility will make them less likely to clean up after themselves – which basically means if your bathroom ain’t pretty, it’ll only get worse. Most worrying of all, 52% said a bad restroom experience will stop them coming back to a business, period.

These numbers just go to show the power of a great bathroom. But let’s dive even deeper into how and why to make sure your business’s washroom looks, smells, and feels its very best.

Beauty is in the eye of the bathroom’s beholder

A 2019 study found that 88% ranked sight as their most highly-valued sense. Our eyes teach us about our surroundings and shape the way we experience the world. Vision  influences our other four senses, and shapes our learning and memory. So it’s no surprise that the way your bathroom looks really … really matters.

The restroom should feel like a continuation of your entire brand experience. As considered, clean, and cared for as any other room in the building. It helps to think of a few words that define the mood you’re trying to create. Then try seeking out furnishings and finishings that capture that mood, and complement your business’s colour palette, aesthetic, and theme.

Bathroom products and appliances – like soap dispensers and sanitary bins – can often be a bit of an eye-sore. But try to seek out those that enhance, not interrupt. For example, SaniPod has taken great care to design sleek and minimalist sanitary disposal units that slot seamlessly into any bathroom. So you can stay true to your business’s aesthetic, without compromising on your team or customers’ health and safety.

A cleaner servicing Pod Petite unit by tearing off used liner

The nose knows when a bathroom needs some TLC.

Sight may be our most valued sense, but smell is perhaps our most powerful. Our sense of smell links straight to the limbic system; AKA the corner of our brain that handles emotions and memories. That means if your bathroom smells less-than-pleasant, your customers won’t soon forget it.

At the most basic level, your bathroom should smell fresh and clean. That means a regular maintenance schedule – including cleaning the toilet, emptying the bins, and servicing the sanitary disposal units. A product like SaniPod’s Pod™ Petite, which can even be serviced daily for high traffic washrooms, can really help keep the bathroom smelling on-point.

Once those big boxes are ticked, there are a few finer details to think of, too. What scent will you choose for your handwash? Should you install air fresheners? Could you opt for scented sanitary disposal liners, like SaniPod’s? You can sniff out all kinds of ways to make sure your business’s bathroom leaves a great impression on the nose.

A person placing period waste into an open touch-free Pod Petite Auto sanitary disposal unit

Feel, functionality, and a fabulous washroom.

A beautiful bathroom is about more than looks and scent. It’s also about how it feels. A great bathroom is fully functional and effortlessly flows. It just … works.

Consider the entire space from the customer’s perspective. Are the toilet cubicles a comfortable size? Is the sanitary bin within reach of the toilet? Are all the automated elements in good working order? Are all the hand-towels, toilet paper, and soap dispensers regularly restocked?

With these basics covered, you can look for more little ways to make a big difference. This could be as simple as a hook on the back of the cubicle door, to save customers having to balance their bags on their knees while they do their business. Or giving people a touch-free sanitary waste unit, so they can dispose of the menstrual products safely and responsibly, without having to get their hands dirty.

Thoughtful touches like these speak volumes. They not only say, ‘we’ve really thought about this’… they say, ‘we’ve really thought about you.’

A black Pod Petite sanitary disposal unit with a Pod Wrap decal.

Make your business’s bathroom memorable for all the right reasons.

The bathroom isn’t only an integral part of your business. In many ways, it’s also the most intimate. So if it’s not up to scratch, people will talk about it. Or worse, post on social about it.

The good news? It’s never too late to make your business’s bathroom an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. And there are so many ways to do it. It could be as subtle as delightfully-scented handwash, or as lavish as free champagne in the ladies’ room. As simple as improving hygiene through automated products, or elaborate enough to earn your business the title of ‘America’s Best Restroom’.

A beautiful bathroom really is good for business. So next time you visit yours, give it a second look. You might just find that a little upgrade or two can go a long way.

Talk to SaniPod™ today, and find out how we can help beautify your business’s  sanitary disposal system.

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