From Great Customer Service to Simple Self-Service: How Working with SaniPod™ Works

Working with SaniPod is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

From Great Customer Service to Simple Self-Service: How Working with SaniPod™ Works

There are all sorts of reasons to upgrade your business’s sanitary disposal system. Maybe the old-school pedal bin’s looking a little past its prime. Maybe the waste basket regularly turns into an overflowing eye-sore. Maybe your cleaning staff are sick of getting the ‘ick’ whenever it’s time to change the liner. Or maybe your customers are taking one look at the unsanitary sanitary bin, and deciding to flush their waste instead.

While there are loads of reasons to level-up your business’s sanitary bins, upgrading can all-too-easily end up in the ‘too hard’ basket. But luckily, SaniPod™ makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

From choosing your sanitary units, to installing them, to servicing them, here’s how you can work with SaniPod™ to transform your business’s sanitary disposal system.

Step 1: Finding the right sanitary waste disposal solution

The first step is picking up the phone (or whipping up an email) and getting in touch with SaniPod™. Our friendly team manages every enquiry individually. We collaborate closely with our customers to find the right solution to fit their unique needs. And when we say ‘unique’, we really mean it.

We analyse your space, footfall, and servicing requirements, to help figure out if you need large or small units, automated or manual. We offer a choice of black or white, and we can even work with you to create a custom wrap to reflect your business’s personality and aesthetic. We also deliver to any scale – from just a handful of units, right through to thousands of units across thousands of kilometres.

Once we’ve figured out exactly what you (and your bathrooms) need, we’ll connect you with one of our trusted distributors, who will expertly handle things from there.

How to install Pod Petite Sanitary Disposal Unit

Step 2: Installing your brand-new SaniPod™ system

Our installation process is so easy you can do it yourself. All you need is a SaniPod™ unit, a drill, and a few minutes to spare. You can see our installation process in action in this handy how-to video.

But what if you’re looking to install tens, hundreds, or even thousands of units? If the job’s too big for you and your trusty drill, our distributors can work with you to smoothly and seamlessly manage the installation process.

A cleaner servicing Pod Petite unit by tearing off used liner

Step 3: Servicing your SaniPod™ solution

Simplicity is the SaniPod™ way, and that carries right through to our servicing process. Our Pod Petite liner cartridge’s clever design means our units can be serviced with zero exposure to waste. That means no encounters with blood-borne pathogens, and no risk of cross-contamination. For custodians and cleaners it’s the ultimate in protection, safety, and ease.

Because it is so very simple, you don’t even need to rely on a third party service company to handle maintenance. The units can be serviced on your own terms, however often you choose. How often is ‘often’? Well, our Pod™ Petite Auto is designed to be serviced daily for those ultra high traffic washrooms. So staying on top of maintenance is almost too easy.

Whatever your sanitary disposal challenge, we’re up to the task.

We’ve brought SaniPod™ solutions to contemporary malls and cosy restaurants, corporate offices and £1 billion hotels. We’ve delivered 1,800 units across Australia’s 65 Vicinity Centres, and 2000+ Pod™ Petite units to the University of Auckland.

You can find our sanitary units in businesses all across the globe. And wherever SaniPod™ goes, happy customers tend to follow.  Plus, we don’t just love you and leave you. We offer robust post-sales support, on-site training, and even marketing assistance. Anything we can do to help make sure your business is getting the most out of your SaniPod™ solution.

So whether you need two units or 2,000, installed in classic cubicles or onto curved marble walls (yep, we’ve done that, too!). If you’re ready to transform your business’s sanitary waste disposal, we’re ready to help you do it.

Want to join our long list of happy clients? Talk to the team at SaniPod™ today, and let’s revolutionise your washroom’s sanitary disposal system.

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