Pod™ Petite Liner Cartridge

Pod™ Petite Liner Cartridge

Pod™ Petite Liner Cartridge

Introducing a little revolution in sanitary waste service that will delight cleaning staff, saving time and money with its easy 3 step service process.

Pod™ Petite’s unique liner system redefines smart servicing:

  • Continuous gently scented perforated liner
  • 32 liners per refill
  • Hygienically superior – safe to use, safe to service with zero exposure to waste
  • See-through liner clearly indicates any hazardous objects for added safe handling

Set a new standard to protect the health and safety of your staff, customers – and enhance your company’s reputation.

Watch 'How to Service' Video
Image showing How to Service Pod Petite Step #1 - Open door, tear off liner and remove waste
Image showing How to Service Pod Petite Step #2 - Pull down new liner and tie knot
Image showing How to Service Pod Petite Step #3 - Tuck liner into cavity and close door
The Pod Petite Liner Cartridge
Pod™ Petite Liner Cartridge

Key Features

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Labour saving

Easy to install, clean and service with its quick and simple 3 step process

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Total protection

Zero exposure to waste for cleaners

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Easy maintenance

Thanks to a streamlined service process with reduced labour costs

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Take control

Offering a new option for sanitary self-service – no third-party service company required

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Safe to service

Flexible, strong and tear-resistant liners

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Sustainably sound

Made with 20% recycled materials and degradable plastic.

Cleaners don’t have to risk touching used products. Honestly, I should be a sales rep – it’s a great simple product that makes a world of difference.

Melissa - Park Presentation Manager, Legoland - California, USA

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With the units being installed on the wall, the cleaners no longer need to shift the bin out of the way for cleaning.

Sarah, Healtheries – Auckland, New Zealand

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I think everyone involved has been surprised at how easy and no fuss the unit is to deal with. It’s a great product and I’m very happy to have them in our venues.

James - W Short Hotel Group - Sydney, Australia

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I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations on finding an alternative option for sanitary bins in the ladies bathrooms As a bigger woman, I find it a bit ‘gross’ having my hip touching the standard bins found in most public bathrooms.

Facebook feedback, Grand Plaza Vicinity Centre - Brisbane, Australia

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