Pod™ Protect Sanitiser

Pod™ Protect Sanitiser

Pod™ Protect Sanitiser

Keep your SaniPod™ optimally hygienic between services!

Pod™ Protect antimicrobial cleaning and odour control sanitiser wipes are  designed specifically for our SaniPod™ range.

Cleans, sanitises and deodorises inside and out, protecting your staff and customers from harmful bacteria and viruses that thrive in sanitary disposal bins.

How Pod™ Protect works:

  • Vapour phase technology from natural essential oils are slowly released from the wipes and permeate throughout the unit even when it is full
  • Cleans and eliminates harmful bacteria on the outer surfaces
  • Deodorises, sanitises and prevents the formation of malodour inside the unit
  • Simple dosing system protects for optimal hygiene between services
  • Produces a clean and fresh washroom scent
An image showing how to use Pod Protect Sanitiser Step #1 - Dual action cleans, sanitises, deodorises
An image showing how to use Pod Protect Sanitiser Step #2 - Wipe outside surfaces
An image showing how to use Pod Protect Sanitiser Step #3 - Drop wipe inside unit for complete protection
Pod Protect Cleaning and Sanitising Wipes Refill Pack

Why is Pod™ Protect Sanitiser important?

An icon of bacteria

Eliminates harmful bacteria

Like E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis B and C.

An icon showing a circular arrow around 14 days text

14 day protection

Vapour Phase Technology reduces malodour and bacteria for optimal hygiene levels inbetween services.

An icon of a leaf with sparkles surrounding it

Clean, fresh fragrance

Essential oils offer refreshing washroom scent.

An icon of a thumbs up action

Easy to use

Individual antimicrobial sanitising wipes – no mess, no residue

An icon of a tree

Sustainably sound

Made with natural active ingredients using a biodegradable wipe

An icon of a Laboratory beaker

Laboratory tested and validated

Using trusted Genesis Biosan technology.

We decided to implement the automatic Pod™ Petites throughout the resort and people love them. Guests comment on them frequently. Cleaners don’t have to risk touching used products. Honestly, I should be a sales rep – it’s a great simple product that makes a world of difference.

Melissa, Park Presentation Manager, Legoland - California, USA

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I think everyone involved has been surprised at how easy and no fuss the unit is to deal with. It’s a great product and I’m very happy to have them in our venues.

James, W Short Hotel Group - Sydney, Australia

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I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations on finding an alternative option for sanitary bins in the ladies bathrooms As a bigger woman, I find it a bit ‘gross’ having my hip touching the standard bins found in most public bathrooms

Facebook feedback, Grand Plaza Vicinity Centre - Brisbane, Australia

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We had the Pod™ Classic autos installed and have found them to be easy to use and hygienic due to it's touch-less technology. With the units being installed on the wall, the cleaners no longer need to shift the bin out of the way for cleaning.

Sarah, Healtheries – Auckland, New Zealand

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