WetWipe Dispenser

The white Wet Wipe dispenser on a white tiled wall

WetWipe Dispenser

In shared facilities, it’s important to reduce cross-contamination and protect your staff and customers from the risks of poor surface hygiene.

Disposable sanitising wipes are ideal for keeping communal spaces safe – superior in both cleanliness and convenience to reusable sponges and cloths.

Pure Concepts offer a specifically designed WetWipe dispenser to create a healthy environment and promote hygiene within your workplace.

It’s easy to keep surfaces looking clean – but more important to keep them hygienic. Our handy WetWipe dispenser helps you do both.

  • Stylish wall-mounted design
  • Robust, re-fillable and recyclable
  • Ideal to create a workplace santising station
  • Perfect for cleaning and sanitising works surfaces and equipment
  • Available in white and black

Complete the WetWipe dispenser with our All Purpose Disinfectant Sanitising Wipes, find out more

A white Wet Wipe dispenser with hand pulling antimicrobial wet wipe out
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The white Wet Wipe dispenser on a white tiled wall
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A washroom image with white Pod Petite Manual unit and white Wet Wipe dispenser installed beside toilet
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Wet Wipe White dispenser sowing hand pulling out a antimicrobial wet wipe
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Key Features

An icon of a hand with sparkles surrounding it

Wall-mounted design

Create a sanitising station and break the infection chain!

An icon of a thumbs up action

Easy to use

Simple wet wipe dispensing solution for hygiene in an instant

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Sustainably sound

No more throw away plastic wipe dispensers


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