Wet Wipe Dispenser

Wall mounted wipe dispenser

Wet Wipe Dispenser

In shared facilities, reducing cross-contamination is the best way to protect staff and customers from the risks of surface bacteria.

We have developed a wall-mounted Wet Wipe dispenser solution that is designed specifically to create a healthy environment and promote good hygiene in shared workplaces. Surfaces may appear to be spotless, but it’s what you can’t see that causes the real harm.

Disposable Wet Wipes are ideal for keeping communal spaces safe for everybody. They’re superior in both cleanliness and convenience when compared to reusable sponges and cloths, which can both harbour a lot of germs.

The Wet Wipe dispenser is designed to dispense pre-moistened wipes, helping reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in high-traffic areas. It is easy to use and maintain, making it ideal for hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, and hotels – anywhere infection control is a priority. The sleek design takes up minimal space and looks good in any environment

Our handy wall mounted Wet Wipe dispenser makes maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in communal spaces effortless.

  • Stylish rounded wall-mounted design
  • Robust, re-fillable and recyclable
  • Ideal to create sanitising stations in workplaces & public spaces
  • Perfect solution for cleaning & sanitising work equipment surfaces
  • Available in white & black
A white Wet Wipe dispenser with hand pulling antimicrobial wet wipe out
The white Wet Wipe dispenser on a white tiled wall
A washroom image with white Pod Petite Manual unit and white Wet Wipe dispenser installed beside toilet

Key Features

An icon of a hand with sparkles surrounding it. Wall mounted wipe dispenser

Wall-mounted design

Create a sanitising station and break the infection chain!

An icon of a thumbs up action

Easy to use

Simple wet wipe dispensing solution for hygiene in an instant

An icon of a tree

Sustainably sound

No more throw-away plastic wall-mounted wipe dispensers


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