Choosing the Right Sanitary Bin for Your Commercial Bathroom

The revolution in sanitary disposal has been a long time in the making.

Choosing the right sanitary bin for your commercial bathroom is an important consideration that is often overlooked.

You may think sanitary bins are all one and the same, but this is not the case! There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right sanitary disposal unit, such as size, placement, and how they will be serviced.

Having a high-quality, easy to use sanitary disposal solution creates a comfortable environment for women using your bathroom. It is also important to have the correct sanitary bins in place for safety and hygiene reasons. In this blog post, we take you through the top five considerations you need to make when it comes to sanitary disposal, and explore the features of the SaniPod™ range, so you can choose the right model for your space.

Size and Shape

A top consideration when choosing sanitary bins is unit shape, and how this will fit into your overall bathroom design. Many sanitary bins come in a rectangular box shape, however at SaniPod™ we have designed a range of innovative pod-shaped sanitary bins. These fit seamlessly into toilet cubicles without taking up large amounts of space.

Size is another important consideration when selecting a sanitary disposal unit. When choosing a size, you need to think about how many people will be using the washrooms and how often the bins will be serviced. Bins that are serviced often may not need to be as large, as the sanitary waste will be regularly removed.

At SaniPod™, we have two bin sizes available, our regular sized Pod™ Classic and the more compact Pod™ Petite. The Pod™ Petite has a 7-litre capacity and is ideal for washrooms with regular daily or weekly servicing, while the Pod™ Classic holds 12 litres and is best for those with longer intervals between servicing.

Manual or Automatic

Automatic sanitary disposal units are a popular choice and it’s easy to understand why! With a motion sensor that opens the disposal slot, there is no need to touch the unit during use, which can be a relief for women using a public bathroom. In some cases, manual bins are preferred, so we have developed both manual and automatic disposal units in our SaniPod™ range.

We have put a lot of effort into the design of our manual bins to ensure users can have a pleasant experience, with minimal contact during use. To open our manual bins, there is a lifting ring on the top of the unit, so you can avoid having to lift the sanitary tray opening. We have omitted the sanitary tray altogether, and designed a unique disposal slot instead, eliminating the nasty issue of sanitary products and dirt building up in the tray.

Free-standing or Wall-Mounted

Sanitary bins come in either free-standing or wall-mounted designs. Both our SaniPod™ Classic and Petite models are designed to be wall-mounted, however the Pod™ Classic is also available with a floor stand for areas where this is not possible.

There are numerous benefits to a wall-mounted sanitary bin. Having the unit off the ground means that it is easy to clean the floor underneath, and there will be no risk of grime and germs building up around the unit. It also means that the sanitary bin will not take up floor space in the cubicle or bathroom, which is often limited in commercial spaces. Keeping the bin on the wall keeps it out of harm’s way so it can’t be moved or knocked over accidentally during use.

Self-Service or Serviced

Whether you go for a self-serviced or serviced sanitary bin depends on your business’s cleaning system. Self-serviced bins can be emptied and cleaned on-site, which saves time and is more environmentally friendly than transporting the bins to another location to be sanitised. However, for some workplaces on-site servicing may not be convenient, which is where a total exchange service comes in. This is where the entire bin is taken and replaced with a clean unit.

Both SaniPod™ models allow for simple self-service. The specialised liners self-close when removed from the bin, providing complete safety for cleaners and service personnel who empty the bin liners. For those wanting the bins taken off-site to be emptied and cleaned, the Pod™ Classic can also be used as part of a total exchange service. It features easy racking for transport and storage in warehouses. For businesses wanting to use the Pod™ Classic as part of a total exchange service on their premises, look out for our regional distributors who offer this service.

Design and Aesthetics

A good sanitary bin will fit effortlessly into your bathroom design, becoming a sleek feature rather than an eyesore. Our bins have an attractive slimline design and come in crisp black and white colours, which can even be customised with a graphic wrap.

Having a beautiful-looking sanitary bin doesn’t just help make your space look nicer, it also encourages women to use the sanitary bins rather than disposing of waste by flushing it or using a paper towel bin instead.

Get the best sanitary bin for your business from SaniPod™

At SaniPod™ , we know the importance of good sanitary disposal and what a difference an effective bin can make to the women using these units. We provide effective sanitary bins for large-scale commercial bathrooms and supply our bins to cleaning hygiene companies. The SaniPod™ range features sanitary disposal units to fit all spaces, whether you want a high-tech automatic bin or a classic manual option.

To learn more about using our sanitary bins in your commercial bathrooms, find a distributor in your region today.

Find out more about our SaniPod™ range of automatic sanitary bins and touch-free sanitary disposal solutions.

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