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Here at Pure Concepts, we’re proud to be market leaders in sanitary system innovation.

We’re passionate about combining exceptional convenience with elegant design to create fresh, clean washrooms all over the world. From air care systems to antibacterial wipe dispensers to our revolutionary SaniPod™ sanitary bins, our products are environmentally conscious, visually stylish, and add a touch of care and class.

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SaniPod™ sanitary disposal

Make sanitary disposal hygienic and simple with SaniPod™, designed for minimal contact with both form and function in mind.

HYscent air care

Create a positive first impression in any room with odour-free, freshly scented air – delivered discreetly through our innovative air care systems.


WetWipe Dispenser

Reduce cross‐contamination, protect your staff and customers, and promote hygiene within your workplace with our convenient WetWipe dispenser.

Pod Petite Wipes.jpg

Pod™ Petite Wipes

Cleans, sanitises and deodorises inside and out, protecting your staff and customers from harmful bacteria and viruses that thrive in this environment.