Pod™ Classic Wraps

Available in a range of selected designs and fully customisable, Pod™ Classic Wraps are the perfect finish.

If you’re searching for a unique look for your washroom, look no further.

With Pod™ Classic Wraps, you can add a splash of colour or stylish pattern with a variety of pre-designed options. Simply select any colour combination you desire, or customise your own creation with the assistance of our team. We can even include company logos, offering superb advertising potential.

Talk to us today about how we can help you create a tailor-made Pod™ Classic Wrap just for you.


Washroom design your way

Pod™ Classic Wraps can be designed to suit any washroom décor.

Whether you choose one of our beautiful, unique designs or create your own, Pod™ Classic wraps are designed for simplicity of use.

Easy to install, clean and service, Pod™ Classic Wraps can be removed or exchanged whenever required.


Pod™ Classic Wraps