SaniPod™ delivers a stylish solution to the sensitive problem of sanitary product disposal.

Designed with the needs of women in mind, SaniPod™ units are available in a range of sizes and operating functions. Our automatic models work using advanced motion-sensor technology, meaning there’s no need to touch the unit. We also offer a variety of manual options, which are designed for minimal touch and maximum hygiene.

Many women are reluctant to use traditional sanitary bins, with 8 out of 10 refusing to dispose of their sanitary waste in any unit that is offensive to them. Many sanitary bins are a hotspot for blood-borne bacteria and pathogens – and when they look unhygienic, expensive plumbing call-outs are often the result. Overflow, odour, trapped waste, and having to touch anywhere near the opening are all critical factors – and all are a common sight in female restrooms.

In creating SaniPod™, we aimed to change this – and today we’re proud to supply the very best products on the market that set the benchmark within the hygiene industry.

Key design features

8 reasons why Sanipod™ is the worlds best disposal system

  1. Contemporary – slim-line form complements all washroom decor.

  2. Unique opening – simplifies the disposal process, while minimising sight into the unit and discouraging disposal of general rubbish.

  3. No modesty tray – eliminates unsightly surfaces and potential trapping of sanitary waste.

  4. Compact wall-mounted design – maximises utilisation of washroom space, and is easy to clean around and under.

  5. Ergonomically accessible – from both standing and sitting positions.

  6. Discreet locking mechanism – minimises tampering and potential spillages in cubicles.

  7. No harmful sharp edges, no exposure to waste – protects cleaners during servicing.

  8. No more toilet blockages – or expensive plumbing call outs.

View our range, and discover why women all over the world prefer SaniPod™.

SaniPod™ sanitary disposal system

Pure Concepts’ world-leading SaniPod™ range – a classic look, exceptional ease of use, and simple servicing.


Pod™ Petite

Convenient and compact, Pod™ Petite is a little revolution in sanitary waste disposal.

Pod™ Classic

The original SaniPod™ model, with full capacity and complete simplicity.