Did you know your business can DIY its sanitary waste disposal?

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Did you know your business can DIY its sanitary waste disposal?

Keeping up with regulations can be a big (and bothersome) part of running a business. There are environmental regulations, labelling regulations, employment regulations … even waste disposal regulations. And if that wasn’t enough of a headache, the rules regularly change from country to country.

Luckily, the regulations surrounding sanitary waste disposal are a lot simpler than you might think. In fact, in most countries, sanitary waste is classed as general waste. That means your business can DIY its sanitary waste disposal – without needing to ring in an expensive third-party specialist service.

But what exactly are the rules in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK? And how do you go about DIY-ing your sanitary waste disposal? Read on to find out.

In New Zealand, sanitary waste disposal is very simple.

The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) advises the New Zealand government on all things environmental, including waste disposal. And according to MfE, sanitary waste – such as pads and tampons – is classified as non-hazardous waste. This means it’s considered to pose no more of a health risk than regular household waste, and can be disposed of in regular landfills.

While the specifics vary across states, Australia’s rules are also fairly straightforward.

Work Safe Australia requires all workplaces to provide sanitary bins. But beyond that, there’s no concrete legislation attached to the management and disposal of sanitary waste.

Specific waste classifications can vary from state to state, but sanitary waste is largely classified as General Solid Waste by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). This means – just like in New Zealand – it’s considered non-hazardous, and on par with general household waste. So you can dispose of it just as you would any other rubbish.

In the UK, businesses are legally required to provide sanitary bins.

Rather than one singular sanitary waste disposal law, the UK has a range of regulations in place. These include the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, section 34 of the ‘Duty of Care’ Act 1990, and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. There’s also the Water Industry Act 1991, which states no sanitary items should be flushed down the loo.

Each regulation is slightly different, but they all come down to the same key point; that businesses are legally required to provide a sanitary bin in their female and unisex bathrooms. As for waste classification, sanitary waste isn’t categorised as hazardous, special, or clinical. As long as it’s non-infectious, it doesn’t need specialist treatment or disposal.

This makes the UK’s overall approach fairly similar to Australia and New Zealand’s. The only key difference is that up to 7kg of hygiene waste can be disposed of along with mixed municipal waste (‘black bag’) as Classification Code 20-03-01. Anything heavier is classified as offensive waste, and will need to be removed by a licensed carrier.

DIY your sanitary waste disposal

Long story short? There’s no regulatory reason not to DIY your sanitary waste disposal.

With SaniPod™, there’s no other reason not to DIY the deed, either. We’ve designed the revolutionary Pod™ Petite with DIY disposal in mind. Available in auto and manual models, its user-friendly liner cartridge maintenance system means you or your cleaning provider can service the bins with absolutely zero exposure to waste. It’s safe, it’s hygienic, it’s simple. And it saves you time, money, and hassle.

With Pod™ Petite, you can choose to service your female sanitary disposal units fortnightly, weekly, daily, even hourly, if you feel the need. Should you notice your sanitary bins getting uncomfortably full, you don’t have to wait for a specialist company to swoop in and save the day. You can get on top of it right away and have full control. So you can make sure your washroom stays spick and span, all day every day.

To learn more about how SaniPod™ can help save your business money, time, and energy, visit our page just for businesses. Or to get started on your sanitary disposal solution, get in touch with the team today.

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