Pod™ Classic system – the complete service solution

Pod™ Classic is specifically designed to provide service efficiencies and streamlined installation procedures.

Pod™ Classic makes servicing simple with:

  • Easy-to use self-closing liners – perfect for self service companies, on-site service by contracted providers and isolated customers.
  • Racking for vehicles and warehouse storage – ideal for hygiene service companies who operate a total exchange service process.
  • Installation templates – guaranteed perfect installation every time.

Pod™ Classic is flexible enough to be utilised with a liner for in-cubicle/stall service, and also suitable for integration into a total exchange service.

The systems that support Pod™ Classic will benefit any cleaning company or hygiene service provider who can easily include the Pod™ Classic range into their suite of products and services.

Pod™ Classic liners

Pod™ Classic liners are the perfect solution in cubicle servicing. The unique design ensures a precise fit for a clean and tidy appearance with no unsightly over-wrap. 

Pod™ Classic liners are easy to service and are self-closing when removed from the unit, offering a smart solution with added protection for cleaners.

They’re also the best choice for the environment, made from d2w® environmentally-responsible ‘oxo-biodegradable’ plastic. This material degrades and disappears within 1-5 years leaving no fragments, methane or harmful residues.

As a 'totally degradable' plastic, d2w® is superior to 'bio-degradable' plastic, which needs to be placed in a biologically active environment (for example, buried in the ground) before the degradation process can begin. Therefore, Pod™ Classic liners provide low-cost insurance against irresponsible disposal and the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment. They’re the smart choice all round.