Uniquely easy to install, clean and service, Pod™ Petite offers complete protection for service personnel.

Pod™ Petite's unique proprietary liner system features a perforated, gently scented roll for incredibly simple servicing. There’s no exposure to waste, and the see-through liner clearly indicates any hazardous objects for added safe handling.

Quick, simple three-step service process

Open door, tear off liner and remove waste

Pull down new liner and tie a knot

Tuck liner into cavity and close door

By choosing Pod™ Petite, you’ll enjoy reduced servicing time and labour while caring for the environment.

The liners are flexible, strong, tear-resistant and made with 20% recycled materials, while the cassette unit is made of ABS recyclable plastic. The liners are fully biodegradable, and will break down within 1-5 years leaving no fragments, methane or harmful residues.

Better for your washroom, and better for the planet.

Pod™ Petite Liner Cassette