Introducing Pod™ Petite

Pod™ Petite is a little revolution in sanitary waste disposal.

It’s Pure Concepts latest innovation in the SaniPod™ range that incorporates all the innovative design features of SaniPod™ in a discreet compact size.

When it comes to feminine hygiene disposal; convenience, cleanliness and consideration are key to a great experience. Small but big on style, Pod Petite™ takes care of all your customer and staff needs.

Pod™ Petite answers the sensitive question faced by women: how to dispose of sanitary products, hygienically and easily? Many women are reluctant to use traditional bins due to hygiene concerns. Created by women for women, Pod™ Petite is an elegant solution women choose to use – meaning no more toilet blockages and expensive plumbing charges.

Inspirational design throughout

Stylishly compact, its wall-mount design provides easy cleaning under and around the unit. The unique opening simplifies easy posting of waste and with no modesty tray, it eliminates unsightly surfaces and waste trapping.

Pod™ Petite redefines feminine hygiene with its system specifically designed for utmost hygiene for users, safety for service personnel and proprietary protection for distributors. The modular system is available in black and white with a choice of touch-free and manual models.

Pod™ Petite Autos motion-activated sensor provides a first-class experience operating silently and reliably – each and every time.

Pod™ Petite Wraps are the perfect finish, offering a splash of colour for a unique washroom look.

Pod™ Petite Service – total protection

Pod™ Petite reduces servicing time and labour while caring for the environment. Uniquely easy to install, clean and service, it offers complete protection for service personnel with 3 quick service steps.

Pod™ Petite’s proprietary liner cassette features a gently scented perforated roll. The liners are flexible, tear-resistant and made with 20% recycled materials, while the cassette unit is made of ABS recyclable plastic. The liners are fully biodegradable, and will break down within 1-5 years.

A simple, smart, safer choice for the washroom and environment. 

If you would like to receive further information about Pod™ Petite, please contact us