Pod™ Petite

Small in size but big on style, Pod™ Petite will transform your washroom appearance and experience.

Pod™ Petite incorporates all the innovative design features of SaniPod™ in a discreet compact size. With a range of tasteful styles available, Pod™ Petite has a premium look and feel that’s both unrivalled in the market and favoured by washroom users all over the world.

When it comes to feminine hygiene disposal; convenience, cleanliness and consideration are key to a great experience. Small but perfectly formed, Pod™ Petite takes care of all your customer and staff needs.

  • Ideal for small washrooms or those with frequent servicing requirements.
  • Designed for efficient, simple and safe servicing.
  • SaniPod™ wraps can be added to further enhance appearance and match the look and feel of your washroom.
  • Available in your choice of touch-free or manual models.

Pod™ Petite Auto

A first‐class experience for women

Using a smart motion-activated chip, Pod™ Petite Auto operates discreetly and reliably with touch-free technology.

Pod™ Petite Manual

An innovative alternative to traditional bins

Stylishly simple and conveniently sized, Pod™ Petite Manual is a hygienic and user-friendly option designed to minimise contact.